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~ The Glove Solution ~

(also known as the Glove-Harness-Outer Shell or GHO Solution)

We invented a ski glove that enables those with limited to no hand function to hold their outriggers while skiing. In the disabled skiing community those who can not walk either use a mono ski or bi ski to get down the hill. In either case the skier will use outriggers to assist with balance and initiation of turns. For those who have difficulty holding their outriggers, we have the solution.  Our answer consists of three components: 

The first component is an insulated glove, which incorporates a tube that you wrap your fingers around before zipping closed. The glove goes through the outrigger cuff and over the outrigger peg. 

The second component is a Velcro® harness consisting of three Velcro® straps. The straps secure the hand inside the glove and the glove onto outrigger. 

The third and final component is a protective outer shell that goes over the glove and straps. The shell prevents snow from interfering with the Velcro®, plus adds additional insulation for warmth. 

Additional written information and photographs are shown below. Click on the thumbnails for higher resolution views. 

Component #1

The Glove

Our Glove is made of Taslan 2-layer ePTFE (expanded polytetraflouro-ethylene, generally identified as Gore-Tex), insulated with lofted polyester for warmth. The skier's hand wraps around a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe, thermally separated from the outrigger peg.  The glove zips closed along the wrist and tightens with a shock cord and cordlock around the forearm.  

Note:  The glove fabric shown in the photographs is a light brown.  This is our prototype.  Your manufactured gloves are a light gray.




Component #2

The Harness

Our Harness is made of 2" and 3" Nylon Flat Webbing and matching hook and loop (generally identified as Velcro®).  The webbing harness fastens on itself, around the outrigger, strategically placed to maximize securing of the skier's glove and hand.   

Strap #1 (2-inches wide) goes around the upper wrist, thus holding the arm securely against the outrigger tube.

Strap #2 (2-inches wide) goes diagonally up and over the skier's hand, holding the hand down and thumb secure.

Strap #3 (3-inches wide) goes down the zipper side of the glove, around the finger end, and then back up the opposite side - hooking to the Velcro® on Strap #1 and Strap #2. 

Component #3

The Outer Shell

Our Outer shell is made of Ripstop Nylon with a polyurethane, water-resistant coat.  The shell goes over both the glove and harness and tightens with a shock cord and cordlock around the forearm.  At the hand end, the shell remains shut via Velcro®.



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